April 26, 2019

Making an Offer for a Purchase

Typically, when homebuyers are ready to make an offer, they meet with the real estate agent and complete the Offer to Purchase form together. You may also want to write your offer with the help of an attorney. Although you can prepare an offer yourself, it is not recommended.

An Offer to Purchase includes detailed, complex information. If you try to write an offer by yourself, you may make mistakes, omit or include items that would put you at a disadvantage relative to other buyers or trap yourself into an agreement that is not in your best interest.

When you are ready to make an offer, get a copy of your state’s form from the real estate agent and look it over carefully. Have either the real estate agent or an attorney thoroughly explain every item on the form to you so that you understand exactly what you are committing to before you actually write an offer.

Making the offer:

There are many factors that may influence the amount you would offer for a home:

  • How much you can afford.
  • How badly you want the house.
  • How many other buyers are interested.
  • How motivated you think the seller is.
  • How much work might need to be done on the house.
  • How the property compares with other similar properties


Once you have found the right property, the next step is to make a purchase offer to the

Determine the price you want to offer

  • The price the seller is asking may or may not reflect realistic market value.
  • The best way to determine market value is with a Comparative Market Analysis
    (CMA) showing similar properties that sold recently, those that are currently active
    on the market and those that failed to sell.
  • I will discuss with you an estimate of costs associated with purchasing this property.

Decide on financing

  • We will review together the status of your loan pre-approval.
  • We will work together with your loan officer to explain financing options and help
    you determine the mortgage plan that best fits your requirements.

Decide on other issues that are important to you, such as:

  • Items of personal property you want included with the house.
  • Warranty, inspections, repairs or other home enhancements by the seller.
  • Closing date and possession.

I will present your offer

  • The seller will have three choices: accept your offer as it is presented; reject it
    completely; or propose adjustments to your offer (counter offer).
  • If there is a counter offer, you can choose whether to accept it, reject it or counter it.

Once you have reached agreement with the seller, you will have a firm contract to
purchase the home.

Download a PDF Guide for Buying your Home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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April 26, 2019

How to Look at Homes

Discovering the right home should be an exciting event. As a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices professional, my commitment is to make your home search as stress-free and efficient for you as possible.

  • Identifying up-front what is affordable will save time and frustration in the home finding process. It is important to consider the financing options available and to begin the mortgage pre-approval process as soon as possible.
  • From the multitude of properties currently on the market, I will select those that most closely meet your unique needs and interests. It is best to preview only a few homes at a time.
  • We will schedule time to look at homes and neighborhoods. I will arrange showing appointments with the sellers or their brokers.
  • If the seller or their real estate professional is at the property when we are there, it would be best for you to limit your conversation with them.
  • In order to help me find the right home for you, I will ask you to tell me your thoughts about each property you see – the positives and the negatives.
  • I will continue to assess your needs and buying criteria


I have access to virtually every property for sale in this market, and will show you the homes that best match your requirements, including:

  • All homes marketed by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices members
  • All properties listed by other brokers through the Multiple Listing Service(MLS)
  • Properties not necessarily on the open market yet
  • Many properties offered “For Sale By Owner”. To save you time, hassle and duplicated effort, call me for additional information on properties you see, regardless of whether or not they are being offered by a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices sales professional. I can obtain important facts about homes you see.
    • Advertised in newspapers or buyers’ guides
    • On the Internet
    • Open houses
    • Displaying “For Sale” signs

Download a PDF Guide for Buying your Home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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April 26, 2019

Step-by-step Home Buying Guide

Select a Realtor and Establish a Relationship
I am a full time, professional Realtor with extensive market knowledge. We will work closely together to find the right home for you.

Evaluate Your Needs and Resources with Your Realtor
Once we establish your needs, I will provide guidance to financial institutions where you can obtain information in order to get the best financing available. We will meet to discuss your needs and analyze your resources.

Identify Properties You Are Interested In
I will show you homes based on the criteria that we establish. The more precise and direct you are with me, the more successful our search will be.

Determine the Seller’s Motivation
Once we have found the home you wish to purchase, I will do all the necessary research to help you structure an effective offer.

Write an Offer to Purchase
I will draft the Purchase Contract Agreement for you, advising you in protective contingencies, customary practices, and local regulations. At this time you will need to provide an “earnest money” deposit usually 3 percent of the purchase price. This deposit is not placed in escrow until your offer has been accepted.

Present the Offer
I will present your offer to seller and the seller’s agent. The seller has three options: they can accept your offer, reject your offer, or make a counter offer. My personal knowledge of your needs and qualifications will enable me to represent you in the best way possible.

Evaluate the Seller’s Response
I will review the Seller’s Response with you. My negotiating skills and knowledge will benefit you reaching a final agreement.

Open Escrow
When the Purchase Agreement is accepted and signed by all parties, I will open escrow for you. At this time your earnest money will be deposited. The escrow or title company will receive, hold, and disburse all funds associated with your transaction.

Contingency Periods
This is the time allowed in your Purchase Agreement to obtain financing, perform inspections, and satisfy any other contingencies to which your purchase is subject. Typical contingencies include:
• Approval of the Seller’s Transfer Disclosure Statement
• Approval of the Residential Building Report (3R)
• Approval of the Preliminary Title Report
• Loan approval, including an appraisal of the property
• Physical inspections of the property
• Pest inspection

Obtaining Homeowner’s Insurance
I will coordinate between your insurance agent and the Title Officer to make sure a policy is in effect at close of escrow.

Down Payment Funds
You will need a cashier’s check or money transfer several days prior to the closing date of escrow.

Close of Escrow
When all of the conditions of the Purchase Agreement have been met, you will sign your loan documents and closing papers. You will deposit the balance of the purchase price. The Deed will be recorded at the County Recorder’s office, and you will take ownership of your home.

Download a PDF Guide for Buying your Home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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